The Wings of Dracula

The Wings of Dracula

By David MacDowell Blue

A group of seemingly ordinary English men and women from nearly all walks of life find themselves confronted with a supernatural entity who might be Death Incarnate.

The script makes a few radical changes, not least focusing all the action in Whitby.

Characters from Stoker's notes(Kate Reed) make an appearance, and at least one character is completely re-imagined.

Designed for Live Stage, Audio, or Zoom.

First performed by Fierce Backbone Theater Company via Zoom February 14, 2021, directed by Starina Johnson(watch here)

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Original Production Cast:

Count DraculaSkylar Silverlake
Dr. Jack SewardLucas Alifano
Quincey MorrisHolger Moncada, Jr
Arthur HolmwoodPeter Pasco
Lucy WesternBeth Nintzel
Mina MurrayHolly Hinton
Ellen RenfieldRenee DeBevoise
Kate ReedAlana J. Webster
Jonathan HarkerRoshan Mathews
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