Don Nigro Transylvanian Clockworks

The Transylvanian Clockworks

By Don Nigro

Investigates the Dracula myth in a powerful, complex, darkly funny and utterly terrifying vampire play unlike any you have ever experienced.

Set in London and Transylvania in 1888 the year of Jack the Ripper, it captures the erotic power and poetry of Stoker's novel while looking more deeply into the characters' souls to examine the sensual and frightening undercurrents of this captivating Victorian tale.

Jonathan Harker has returned from Transylvania so profoundly disturbed that he is confined to Dr. Seward's mental hospital and Van Helsing has been called in to help unravel the mystery of Jonathan's dementia. Jonathan's version of events at Castle Dracula leads them into a horrifying nightmare involving the mysterious foreign gentleman who seems to be seducing the women in Jonathan's life.

A complex labyrinth of fear, desire, violence, and lurking evil spirals into a horrific and surprising conclusion. The Transylvania Clockworks is an elegant, original, subtle, poetic and exhilarating piece of Gothic theatre.

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Original Production Cast

Indiana State University Summer Theate

June/July 1977

Directed by Gary Stewart

DraculaArthur Pedan
HarkerJames Wilson
Van HelsingJerry Walker
SewardDavid Silberman
LucyDonna Harlan
PegDebra Schroeder
MinaSusanne Brinkley
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