Seven Deaths

The Seven Deaths Of Prince Vlad

By Jack Finn

History is written by the victors; the tale of Dracula was the story Abraham Van Helsing wanted to be told.

In 1896, Abraham Van Helsing commissioned a tale covering up the murder of Transylvanian Prince Vlad Lupescu by Van Helsing and his accomplices. Here is the story of Prince Vlad's death at the hands of the unscrupulous Van Helsing and the Romanian secret society of priestesses, the Voal Negru, who call upon dark magic to return Prince Vlad from the grave to avenge himself upon his murderers.

Jack O'Rourke, a disgraced cavalry officer haunted by the ghost of a fallen soldier, is hired to protect the widowed Mina Harker on her passage across the Atlantic Ocean. The assignment embroils Jack in a world of treacherous secrets, supernatural horrors, and ancient religions.

As Prince Vlad's victims mount, Jack's journey takes him from the dark waters of the Atlantic and rain-soaked streets of London to the ancient fortresses of Romania. Seeking redemption for his dark past, Jack must decide whether to aid the widow's cause or stand alone against the Voal Negru and the undead prince in their quest for revenge.

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