Dressler Dracula Murders Cover

The Dracula Murders

By Philip Daniels

Kate and Ben never managed to consummate their love before circumstances split them. Now, three years later, they are re-united in Romania, home of Vlad Dracul the Impaler, better known as Dracula.

Ben, now an advertising executive and CEO of Gorebush Resources, agrees that Gorebush should position itself as the leader in the field of oil and gas exploration by personalizing Gorebushs advertising using three brilliant Gorebush geophysicists: Tommy Parsons, Bobby Edwards and Jimmy Sylvester. To enable him to know the young men well enough to build an ad campaign around them, Ben accompanies the three on a jaunt around Romania, where they have been exploring for oil and gas. Joining them are Bobby's sister, Dr. Doreen Edwards, Jimmy's fiancée, Lizann Tompkins and the irrepressible Kate.

What starts out to be a light-hearted vacation quickly degenerates into the trip from hell. Not only is the group stalked by a professional assassin, but it is also traumatized by a type of murder made famous by Vlad the Impaler.

The trip ends in the small college town of Swarthmore, Pennsylvania with a double wedding and a performance of the Omsk Circus.

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