Philip Daniels Dracula Murders covers

The Dracula Murders

By Philip Daniels

The Festival of Horror Ball at the country club was a great success, with everyone dressed as vampires, werewolves and assorted monsters.

The fun was interrupted by a spectral figure calling himself Nosferatu, who warned the merrymakers they were tampering with the unknown.

People dismissed him as a crank, until a girl was ritualistically murdered on the golf course.

Superintendent Vine took charge of what one national paper called THE DRACULA MURDERS.

There were further murders, and the Dracula label stuck. The authorities summoned Professor Cornfeld, expert on Eastern European history.

Vine stuck to the police routine, but Cornfeld looked outside. He set out to track down Nosferatu.

A bizarre bargain was struck. A bargain between the living and the Undead.

… …

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