The Dracula Horror Series

By Robert Lory

Dracula Returns!

(Book 1)

Dracula Returns Robert Lory covers

They finished him off in 1883, and he stayed finished for almost a century when wealthy wheelchair-bound Damien Harmon is given a unique opportunity: Revive the Count and use him as a terrifying weapon against crime in New York. But revival is one thing, control is another. Harmon has science and the paranormal on his side. But this is Dracula, whose powers should never be underestimated. Nor should the powers—and intentions—of the mysterious Ktara, who calls the Count her master. Finally. there is the question of who—or what—Dracula really is. "Among the volumes of writing that you no doubt have devoured regarding such as I, there are a great many misconceptions."

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The Hand of Dracula

(Book 2)

Hand of Dracula Lory Covers

A strange undertaker who evinces more than a professional interest in corpses. Mysterious coffins containing more than a dead body…

These are only a few of the strange happenings in a seemingly respectable undertaker's. Dracula, with the scientist Dr Damien Harmon, the eerie woman Ktara and the faithful giant Cam, unravel this latterday chamber of horrors.

In the second fearful book of the return of of Dracula, his evil is still unsurpassed. This tale leads to even greater spine-chilling suspense.

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Dracula's Brothers

(Book 3)

Dracula's Brothers Robert Lory

There is a large species of bat that comes from South America. It will suck the blood of animal and human being alike for it's nourishment. But this, the vampire bat, had never harbored malignant hate for the human race - til suddenly no one in NYC is safe from their terrible vengeance

There is only one being who can control them - DRACULA - the greatest vampire of all time. But will he wage war on these, his "little brothers", and on the evil men who control them? Only Dr. Harmon knows the answer, Count Dracula's savior and guardian.

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Dracula's Gold

(Book 4)

Robert Lory Dracula's Gold cover

In the mist and eerie moonlight, a ghostlike form lies waiting and two young lovers die in the menacing shadows. Their throats were horribly slashed. The suspect - DRACULA. But the aristocratic count claims innocence this time.

The clue to the perpetrator of the foul deed lies in the wolf-haunted tunnels of Dracula Mountain. Will Dracula reveal the hidden secret behind his hoard of gold - his only key to innocence?

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The Drums of Dracula

(Book 5)

Drums of Dracula by Robert Lory

Jenny Harmon, Professor Harmon’s young niece, is staying in Jamaica to study the mysterious and infamous cult of voodoo. But her investigations anger the hostile followers of the forbidden religion. She is kidnapped — and a ransom note is delivered to her uncle demanding $500,000 or she will die screaming!

Only a power of greater evil than those of the voodoo witchdoctors and their terrible zombie slaves can save young Jenny. Dr Harmon is forced once again to turn to Count Dracula for aid — the most dreaded creature of the night, the greatest vampire of all, whom Dr Harmon has resurrected through his great knowledge.

A violent battle for supremacy is played out against the throbbing of voodoo drums and the dark Caribbean night.

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The Witching of Dracula

(Book 6)

Witching of Dracula by Robert Lory

One afternoon a fine, strong young man named Janos strayed too far into the solemn hills above his tiny Hungarian village. Suddenly he came upon an ancient castle, a dark, mysterious place where, according to legend, a young woman had been murdered many years before.

Venturing down into the cavernous dungeons, Janos discovered the legendary bed chamber. If the stories were true… this was the place! The place where Elizabeth Bathory had been walled up to die!

Then he saw it. A small skeleton crumpled before a massive iron gateway. Was it Elizabeth Bathory? Fighting a desire to turn and run, Janos crept past the bleached bones to the inner chamber. There, in the center of the room, was a huge, dust-covered glass box.

Trembling, he wiped the dust away. His eyes widened with horror. Inside was the body of a beautiful naked woman!

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Dracula's Lost World

(Book 7)

Dracula's Lost World

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Dracula's Disciple

(Book 8)

Dracula's Disciple Robert Lory

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Challenge to Dracula

(Book 9)

Challenge To Dracula Robert Lory

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