Jamython by Kirsten Laulainen


By Kirsten Laulainen

Hey. Jamython Harker here. You can just call me Jamie. Yeah, yeah. I already know what you're thinking. Mina Harker, right? Well, you're right, 'cuz she's my mom. But I didn't know she was the Mina Harker-Dracula's eternal love. That is, until one night when I was coming home from the club.

I was jumped by these guys, and left for dead. They must've kicked the shit out of me hard, 'cuz then this person shows up, telling me I'm her daughter. I figured she was lying to me, but she offered to save my life. I couldn't refuse her.

Well, she definitely saved it. Don't even get me started on everything else. You'll just have to read and find out. It's easier that way.

… …
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