By Meg Cabot

A deliciously twisted modern-day sequel to Bram Stoker’s classic Dracula, Cabot’s Insatiable will leave you laughing…and hungry for more!

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Meg Cabot Insatiable

Sick of hearing about vampires? So is Meena Harper.

Meena Harper is familiar with the supernatural. After all, she knows how you're going to die (Not that you're going to believe her. No one ever does.)

But not even Meena's precognition can prepare her for Lucien Antonescuwho she meets and then makes the mistake of falling in love with;a modern-day prince with a bit of a dark side for which an ancient society of vampire hunters would prefer to see him dead.

The problem is Lucien's already dead. Maybe that's why he's the first guy Meena's ever met with whom she could imagine herself having a future. See, while Meena's always been able to see everyone else's destiny, she's never been able look into her own.Lucien seems to be everything Meena has ever dreamed of in a boyfriend, though he might turn out to be more of a nightmare.

So now would be a good time for Meena to start learning to predict her own future . . . if she has one.

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Meg Cabot Overbite

Not only has Meena Harper been cursed from birth with the "gift" of knowing how everyone she meets is going to die, no one will believe her warnings about their impending doom.

Until Meena finally meets a guy who doesn't seem to have an expiration date. Have her dreams come true . . . or her worse nightmare just begun?

Maybe. Because handsome, charming Lucien Antonescu isn't who he seems to be, and soon Meena has way bigger problems than that promotion she didn't get at work: A good-looking, sword-bearing vampire hunter who claims to be from a secret military unit of the Vatican is pounding on her door, trying to enlist her services . . .. . . to kill her boyfriend, who just happens to be the Prince of Darkness.

This time, Meena's definitely bit off way more than she can chew.

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