Dracutwig MTKnight


By Mallory T. Knight

It started with Eve. Can it end with Dracutwig?

This is the irreverent tale of a strangely sexy girl.

Richly endowed with the quality that drives men mad in more ways than you can think! Dracutwig was the hottest thing in swinging London. She exploded quite suddenly on the mod scene to become the newest sex symbol around. Her trademark, the "Dead Look," was the look for now. The "dead look" aptly described Dracutwig's charms: a waiflike figure kept at the fashionable starvation point; long, streaming black hair; chalk-white complexion - she was horribly sexy, chillingly beautiful! Dracutwig played her dead look to the hilt. Even her pets fit into the picture, darling little black bats constantly hovering near her shoulder.

Who would believe that one of those bats was Dracutwig's daddy? And that Daddy was none other than the legendary Count Dracula?

… …

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