Dracula Caper covers

The Dracula Caper

By Simon Hawke

A plague of vampires and werewolves falls on Victorian England in the late 1800's, but there's nothing supernatural about these creatures. They're genetically engineered monsters from the future, dropped into the past as a terrorist tactic in the Time Wars.

To Scotland Yard, it's a mystery more baffling than any ever faced by Sherlock Holmes, so they turn to his creator for assistance. And as the foggy streets of London become a killing ground, the Time Commandos join forces with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and H.G. Wells, who soon discovers that the time machine he had envisioned will become a frightening reality, and a theatrical agent and aspiring writer named Bram Stoker, who comes face to face with a Balkan nobleman named Dracula….

#8 in the TimeWars series

… …

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