Crimson Kisses cover

Crimson Kisses

By Asa Drake (C. Dean Andersson)

It was seen in witches' dreams, whispered in caves and foretold by signs, that in 1430, Satan would have a son. The birth of the Prince of Wallachia fulfilled all prophecies. The Prince was called Dracula, Son of the Dragon. The plan called for him to be seduced into compliance by the ravishing Tzigane, beautiful gypsy witch chosen by Satan to be Dracula's mate. Once she had seen Dracula she would dare anything -- even enter the icy lake and become a vampire -- to fulfill her destiny. She had already entered his dreams and waking hours, holding out her arms to him, enrapturing him, enticing him to join her in her eternal undead passion.

DRACULA fought against the prophecy... until he could no longer resist the Devil's decree and the sensual satanic taste of Tzigane's CRIMSON KISSES. Once he had savored the first, there could be no last.

… …

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