Children's Books
Trapped in Transylvania : Cracked Classics #1Abbott, Tony2002
Dracula : A Baby Lit Counting PrimerAdams, Jennifer and Alison  Oliver2012
Dinosaur Detectives in Dragons, Dracula and DinosaursBaudet, Stephanie2017
Dracula Is BackBaudet, Stephanie2010
Dracula Junior and the Fake FangsBethlen, Julianna1996
Ms. Wiz Loves DraculaBlacker, Terence1993Ms. Wiz
Garden for Dracula, ACalder, Dave1988
BloodlineCary, Kate2006BloodlineBuy Now
Bloodline : ReckoningCary, Kate2007BloodlineBuy Now
Dracula’s ChildrenChetwynd-Hayes,  R.1987
House of DraculaChetwynd-Hayes,  R.1987
Dracula Doesn't Play KickballDadey, Debbie2004Bailey School Kids
Dracula Doesn’t Rock  and RollDadey, Debbie2000Bailey School Kids
Dracula Doesn’t Drink LemonadeDadey, Debbie 1995Bailey School Kids
Ghoulfriends ’til the EndDaneshvari, Gitty2014Monster High : Ghoulfriends
Ghoulfriends ForeverDaneshvari, Gitty2012Monster High : Ghoulfriends
Ghoulfriends Just Wan to Have FunDaneshvari, Gitty2013Monster High : Ghoulfriends
The Ghoul-It-Yourself BookDaneshvari, Gitty2014Monster High : Ghoulfriends
Who’s That Ghoulfriend?Daneshvari, Gitty2013Monster High : Ghoulfriends
Dracula : Return of EvilGarmon, Larry Mike2001Buy Now
Hogula : Dread Pig of NightGralley, Jean1999
Don’t Count on DraculaGreenburg, Dan2000
Back and Deader Than EverHarrison, Lisi2012Monster High
Ghoul Next Door, TheHarrison, Lisi2011Monster High
Monster HighHarrison, Lisi2010Monster High
Where There’s a Wolf, There’s a WayHarrison, Lisi2011Monster High
Great Uncle DraculaHarvey, Jayne1992
Great Uncle Dracula and the Dirty RatHarvey, Jayne1993
Count Dracula, Me and Norma DHatchigan, Jessica1987
Linski Kids and Dracula, TheHawthorn, Libby1992
Dracula's DaughterHoffman, Mary1988
BunniculaHowe, Deborah and James1979BunniculaBuy Book 1 Now
Bunnicula Meets Edgar Allan CrowHowe, James2006BunniculaBuy Book 7 Now
Bunnicula Strikes AgainHowe, James1995BunniculaBuy Book 6 Now
Celery Stalks at Midnight, TheHowe, James1983BunniculaBuy Book 3 Now
Howliday InnHowe, James1982BunniculaBuy Book 2 Now
Nighty NightmareHowe, James1987BunniculaBuy Book 4 Now
Return to Howliday InnHowe, James1992BunniculaBuy Book 5 Now
Van Helsing : The Junior NovelJablonski, Carla2004Movie novelizationOOP Try ABE
Can You Survive? Bram Stoker’s DraculaJacobson, Ryan2012Buy Now
Count Dracula and the GhostJungman, Ann1989
Count Dracula and the MonsterJungman, Ann1989
Count Dracula and the VampireJungman, Ann1995
Count Dracula and the VictimJungman, Ann1989
Count Dracula and the WeddingJungman, Ann1995
Count Dracula and the WitchJungman, Ann1995
Count Dracula Gets a ShockJungman, Ann1995
Count Dracula Meets His MatchJungman, Ann1989
Dracula is BackulaJungman, Ann1999
Dracula PlayJungman, Ann1989
Vlad The DracJungman, Ann1982Vlad the Drac
Vlad the Drac Down UnderJungman, Ann1989Vlad the Drac
Vlad the Drac Goes TravellingJungman, Ann1997Vlad the Drac
Vlad the Drac ReturnsJungman, Ann1984Vlad the Drac
Vlad the Drac SuperstarJungman, Ann1985Vlad the Drac
Vlad the Drac, VampireJungman, Ann2006Vlad the Drac
Spying on DraculaLabatt, Mary1999
Young DraculaLawrence, Michael2014
Dracula Is a Pain in the NeckLevy, Elizabeth1983
Vlad: The UndeadLutzen, Hanna1998
Dick and Jane and VampiresMarchesani, Laura2010
Mystery at Dracula’s CastleMarsh, Carole2008Around the World in 80 MysteriesBuy Now
Ma and Pa DraculaMartin, Ann M.1989
Draculaura and the New StepmonsterMonstrata, Nessi2015Monster High Diaries
Frankie Stein and the New Ghoul at SchoolMonstrata, Nessi2015Monster High Diaries
It’s Vladimir!Noyes, Deborah2001
Dracula Go HomePlatt, Kin1979
Dracula in SunlightPowling, Chris1990
Dracula Steps OutRatnett, Michael1998
Minions : Dracula’s Last BirthdayRosen, Lucy and Ed Miller2015
Dracula SpectacularRowland, Lucy and Ben Mantle2019
Dracula’s DaughterSanford, William and Carl Green1985
Dracula vs. Grampa at the Monster Truck SpectacularScroggs, Kirk2006
Little Vampire Meets Count Dracula, TheSommer-Bodenburg, Angela1993
Vampire Kittens of Count Dracula, TheStanley, George Edward1997Scaredy Cats
Dracula and Frankenstein Are FriendsTegen, Catherine2003