Dracula has invaded pop culture in a way that Bram Stoker(or anyone, for that matter) could never imagine. Comics, Movies, and TV appearances have been chronicled ad nauseam. This site is an attempt to gather as many literary appearances as possible.

It's broken down into Novels, Short Fiction, Plays, and Children' s Books.

For inclusion in this list a story should have a character or characters from the original novel, their descendants, historical Vlad as vampire, or Bram Stoker as either vampire or vampire hunter. A handful include none of these, but do feature the novel itself as a plot device.

Not every story has been personally verified, if you feel one doesn't meet the criteria let me know. Likewise, this is a constant work in progress, if you know of others that should be included let me know.

For a listing of editions of the novel itself, including identification tips, check out : https://www.cesnur.org/2003/dracula

John Edgar Browning has put together a very comprehensive list of movies, tv shows, video games, and comic books. You can check that out here : Dracula In Visual Media

Dracula in Visual Media